🎄 Xmas Minting Games

Let's play!

During the first 48h after our launches we will run these games where you can get Dognuts completely free. Some of them carry special objects, that besides being super cool, they come with a surprise: a FREE Dognut!

Read more below to learn about all the first drop surprises and… good luck!

Santa Dognut 🎅🏻

Find the Santa attributes!

To get the Santa Dognut you need to have in your wallet a Dognut with Santa Mittens, another one with Santa hat and one last Dognut with a Santa Beard (3 Dognuts in total).

There is only 1 Santa Dognut, so the first one to collect them all gets it!

Write us on Twitter or Discord as soon as you catch them all!

The minting games are over.
More coming soon!

For more information, join our community!