Minting Games

Let's play!

Introducing the Minting games! Where you can get Dognuts completely free. Some of them carry special objects, that besides being super cool, they come with a surprise: a FREE Dognut!

Read more below to learn about all the drops surprises and… good luck!

Collect the Dragon Balls πŸ‰

Shenron will grant you a wish

Find the 7 Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. He will grant you a wish: You will be able to choose the last character of the Dognuts Anime Collection and it will be for you.

Available in the Dognuts Anime Collection.

Gold Series ✨

Find the Golden Ticket!

If your Dognut comes with a golden ticket under his/her paw, congratulations! Each ticket can be redeemed for a Golden Dognut.

Available in all the Dognuts Collections.

Naked Series πŸ”žπŸ‘

Find those Playdog magazines!

Pair a horny Dognut with a Playdog mag under the paw with another one with bunny ears and you will get a Naked Dognut for free.

Playdog attribute available in the Dognuts Gaming Collection.
Bunny ears attribute available in next drops.

Monocolor Series πŸ‘Ύ

Find the Gamedog Color!

To get one of the One-color Dognuts you need to mint all of the 6 different Gamedog Color attributes.

Available in the Dognuts Gaming Collection.

Breakfast Dognuts πŸ₯š

Find the fried egg!

To get one of the Breakfast Dognuts you need to mint 4 Dognuts with an egg in his/her head.

Available in next drops.

Evil Dognut πŸ”₯

Just one, like Satan

This Dognut will be sent directly to the wallet of TX number 666. It is unique and unrepeatable, can you guess which of our Dognuts will be our devil?

Available in the third Dognuts drop.

Be my Pawentine πŸ’—

Let's spread love!

We will have a very special Valentine’s Day event on Twitter. Both you and another person can win a Cupid Dognut .

On Valentine’s Day at 6pm UTC we will choose the winner, which will be the tweet with the most likes. Love rules!

More soon!


Gaming Collection

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No. Once you have claimed the reward, redeemed Dognuts cannot claim any more rewards.

Check the first tab on this FAQ! If you have any questions, you can write to us via Discord or Twitter.

Each drop will have its own unique games. There are also general minting games that will appear in several drops.

Write to us via our Discord! We will ask you for a link to prove that you can claim your Dognut.