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Mint Anime Dognuts

1 Dognut = 10 ADA

2 Dognut = 20 ADA

3 Dognut = 30 ADA

You can mint up to 3 Dognuts per transaction by sending the specific amount to this wallet address:

What's in the collection?

Buy Dognuts at marketplaces

Although our Gaming Collection is sold out, you can find some Dognuts for sale on the different Cardano marketplaces.

Unique cNFT Dognuts with over 400 accessories ready to be adopted 🐶🍩

The Dognuts Gang

Find them all!

These are the 8 doggies that are part of the Dognuts project. Each one has their own character, hobbies and story. Meet them all in our About page!

Raising funds for animal rescue centers

There are around 500 million dogs in the world according to the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) and 70% of them don’t have a home according to the WHO. We think no dog/animal should ever be abandoned, so we are saving a 8% of the profits to donate to help animal rescue centers and charities that help stray animals.

For more information, join our community!

Minting Games

Find the Special Objects!

Hidden within our Dognuts there are some objects that will get you a FREE Dognut right away.

The Team

Verónica Coloma

Graphic Designer & Girlboss

Noem9 Studio

NFTs Consultant & Translator


Dogsultant & Professional butt sniffer


You can use Yoroi, Daedalus & Nami wallets. Only with Shelley addresses. NEVER send ADA from an exchange or the CNFT will get lost.

The official launch price will be 42 ADA.

You can mint 1 Dognut per transaction. 

If you sent the wrong amount of ADA, you will be refunded within 4 days and the transaction costs will be debited from the amount sent. If you sent ADA from an EXCHANGE we won’t be able to refund it.

The Dognuts have more than 400 unique assets making each one of them unique.

Dognuts Season 01: 0382dfb0eb7bbf86384f47bcb93afdca39251c017e786f5128ae38a5

Minting Games: 25243a147b3df9fc6efa7b62677ed923deac470bf5adf9aab50667c7

Dognuts Collabs: 68455d7fa8ee5e2d3ffaa30441c23c93ac94bbba2c277f300c5054a1

Xmas Dognuts: f424ede51b490a03e63d0060de6b95767019ed4989a49abb40e24bf5

Valentine’s Dognuts: e121841371dd0cc5e8fc70ddca99b3fcfe2412472490d96b9656b936

As soon as we receive payment confirmation, the MINT process will happen automatically and the transaction will be submitted to the blockchain, it should take no longer than 30 minutes.

If the blockchain is oversaturated it might take a bit longer.

Contact us on Twitter or through our Discord support channel. We’ll be happy to help 🙂