Our mission: To raise funds for animal shelters and make the Dognuts brand as successful as we can 🐶🍩

Season 2: Dognuts have puppies!

Have you noticed that there are male and female Dognuts? On Season 2 if you have one of each in your wallet you will be able to breed them!

More information coming soon.

Making the Dognuts brand

In the future, we would love to launch different merchandise ideas, for humans and also dogs, plus a vinyl toy collection. A % of every sale would be used to help animal shelters.


Join us creating our Roadmap together!

Our roadmap will be dynamic and will change based on our community’s desires and the success of the project. Our main motivation is raising funds for animal shelters and of course we dream of making the project a big one. Creating new Dognut collections, vinyl toys, merchandising, events… and anything else we can think of along the way!

Dognuts is a live project and with you, our community, we want to walk to a better future where no stray dog is helpless.

Q4 2021
  • Dognuts design
  • Dognuts Branding
  • Coming Soon page design
  • Community: launch Twitter & Discord
  • Launch complete website
  • Xmas Dognuts Drop
  • All the theme drops will be chosen by our community via Discord.
  • Exclusive minting games for each drop to get special free Dognuts.
  • Airdrops for holders.
  • We will launch a limited item to get a personalized Dognut.
  • Exclusive giveaways for our community.
  • Collaborations with Cardano projects that we love.
  • Draw Dognuts in your style!
  • Dognuts have puppies! Date TBD
  • Merch concepts with our community
And more!
* Roadmap fulfilment will depend on the success of the project.

For more information, join our community!